Vault RFID Protected Wallets are committed to protecting your RFID cards from Electronic Pickpocketing, where information stored on your cards is stolen without your knowledge. Many credit & debit cards, as well as some store cards & workplace security cards, incorporate RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) through a tiny antennae & chip which is embedded in the card. If your card has Paypass ™ Pay Wave ™ or a little radio symbol then you have RFID on your card.

RFID equipped credit & debit cards are designed to make transactions simpler & quicker, eliminating the need to swipe cards & sign for purchases under certain limits. These limits vary according to the provider.

At the point of sale, a card reader remotely scans your RFID card using radio waves, eliminating the need to insert, swipe or even touch your card to the reader. Workplace security & other RFID cards work in the same way through remotely reading information stored on your card.

There are 3 ways to stop Electronic Pickpocketing:

  1. Take out the RFID Antennae – this is difficult & renders the card useless for legitimate purchases.
  2. Wrap your credit card in metal foil to block the radio transmission.
  3. Use a VAULT RFID PROTECTED™ Wallet!

Vault RFID Protected wallets incorporate a specially developed metallic layer sandwiched between the leather & the lining which blocks radio waves & effectively stops your RFID card being read until it is removed from your wallet. This prevents any chance of unauthorised scanning of your RFID cards & access to your personal information stored on them. With Vault, your cards are always securely protected from unauthorised access.